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AGC 2023
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28 June, 2023

Guests Appearance at Any Games Con 2023

Welcome to the vibrant world of Any Games Con 2023!

We are excited to introduce our exceptional lineup of guest & cosplayers who will make this year's event an unforgettable experience for all attendees, especially those new to the tabletop gaming scene.

Two Cosers posing at Any Games Con 2023

1. Guest & Cosplayers

1.1 Shine

Shine, a trailblazer in the cosplay community, has represented Malaysia on prestigious stages like Tokyo Game Show 2015. With over a decade of experience, she continuously pushes her creative boundaries. Shine's love for diverse wig styling and her passion for trying new experiences in cosplay make her an inspiration for newcomers. Don't miss the chance to learn from her journey!

1.2 Xuan Zii

Immerse yourself in the realm of tabletop gaming with Xuan Zii, a devoted enthusiast who embodies the spirit of ACG culture. Her captivating portrayal of Elspeth Tirel reflects her unwavering ardor for tabletop adventures. Xuan Zii aims to forge connections with like-minded individuals, making her a beacon of camaraderie at Any Games Con 2023.

1.3 Yan

Meet Yan, the creative mind behind the half-elf rogue assassin, Yannefer Love Hewitt. Yan's D&D character comes to life on the convention floor, showcasing her dedication to role-playing. Join her in celebrating the magic of character immersion and storytelling in tabletop gaming.

1.4 Moer

coser moer cos digimon character and pose infront of camera

Moer's passion for cosplay and TCGs fuels her journey of self-improvement. Her dedication to honing her skills through challenges and games is truly inspiring. Join her in exploring the intersection of cosplay and gaming, and learn how it can help you grow personally and creatively.

1.5 Chicky

Chicky, a newcomer to the scene, is ready to take you on a nostalgic journey with her Angewomon cosplay. Reconnect with your childhood and relive cherished memories through her enchanting portrayal. Don't miss the chance to meet this charismatic newbie!

1.6 Eevee

Catchup the chance to give eevee a big hug!

1.7. Benjamin Leow

Benjamin Leow, founder of #laiplayleow, a thriving board gaming community in Singapore, meet him to discover his passion for board gaming. Beyond gaming, Benjamin's charisma as an emcee and expertise in financial consultancy add unique dimensions to the convention. Join us to learn and connect with this versatile guest.

Benjamin Leow from laiplayleow emcee at open ceremony of Any games Con 2o23

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Can I take photos with the guests?

A: Of course! Just make sure you give a friendly ask before taking photos with them!

Q2: Can I have a cardfight with the cosers?

A: Absolutely! Bring your deck and start a battle!

Q3: Can I Cosplay during Any Games Con 2023?

A: As long as it is suit for a public event we are welcome you attend with any costume! Just to be noted we are a tabletop games convention, please be expect cosers on site are more to cos games character.

Q4: Can I chat with the guests ?

A: Our amazing guests are friendly, just feel free to hav a talk and interactive with them!

3. Join Us at Any Games Con 2023!

Let your imagination run wild, forge connections with fellow enthusiasts, and embark on unforgettable adventures. See you at the convention!

4. Where to Explore More

To dive deeper into the excitement, explore Any Games Con 2023 Event Highlights that shining the spotlight on various tabletop game genres. Delve into the world of board games, embark on epic quests in role-playing games, master the art of card games, marshal your forces for miniature war games – all within the captivating realms of Malaysia Tabletop Games Convention.

Crowd of people walking pass into Entrance Arch of Any Games Con 2023
Any Games Con 2023 Entrance Arch

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